Ending People, hailing from Denver, CO, play dream-filled pop layered with new-wave inspired guitars and droning synthesizers. Their debut effort, Fill Your Lungs, is a six-song journey through a post-utopian maze of nostalgia and mystery. The apparent bleakness of their name masks a contrarian playfulness echoed through sleek songwriting and production that is danceable yet haunting. Ending People will sooth the weariness of fans who’ve been searching for the perfect combination of Lionel Richie’s infectious melodies and Metric’s modern sensibility. Recorded in their hometown and mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service, Fill Your Lungs is available on vinyl will be released nationwide Oct. 30th on Cash Cow Production.

Ending People is:
Erin Roberts, Tim Husmann, Jeff Davenport, Justin Croft

Photos by Luca Venter